Anonymous: Where'd you find the video for Move?

it’s on the Mather Dance Company official youtube channel. For some reason the video doesn’t come up on search so you just have to go to the channel to find it. 


trying to teach my six year old jazz/ballet combo students to be as good as coco quinn…. it makes me appreciate how amazing she is/how amazing of a teacher molly is. She is another level of talented

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Club Dance Studio - Children of 9/11



everyone should take a moment to watch this dance. it still gives me chills. 

wow that was breathtaking

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Chloe danced today at Studio19!

TBH that’s such a downgrade

No…. They don’t have a tv show to exploit their studio, but they are amazing.

Studio 19 is a really great studio! I wouldn’t say its a downgrade.
Anonymous: Do you have amber youngmans solos from hof

Yes I have all 3 of them!